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Calories and weight loss

Some people lie to themselves. Others are simply forgetful. Some people have automatic habits of chewing or nibbling all the time, and they don't even realize when and how much they have eaten. Regardless of minor variations in food differences, most people will not be able to reasonably estimate their own calorie intake
To improve accuracy, some people use a food scale. If you record the calorie content of the food that has passed through your mouth, you can get the most accurate scale of calories consumed. Some people go so far as to use measuring cups, spoons and scales. This can create some nutritional problems.

There are programs that automatically calculate the amount of calories and nutrients consumed. You just need to enter the type and amount of food eaten.

Some people stop after two to four weeks of consecutive recording, others always continue. This is a personal choice for everyone to make.

Once you have calculated your daily energy expenditure, the question becomes, how many calories do you need to eat to trigger the process of losing or gaining weight? If you were to consume as many calories as you burn, then your weight would be stable.

The usual suggestion is to subtract 500 calories from your daily intake, which will turn into 3500 by the end of the first week. So many calories contain 450 grams of fat. That is, in a week you will lose almost half a kilogram of fat.

Many will quickly learn that this simple formula usually doesn't work in real life. There are many reasons why this is not happening. The most important of these is a decrease in the metabolic rate: when we lose weight, it decreases. Decreased metabolic rate is associated with tissue loss, which means less mass to move around and sustain life. Simply put, the rate of weight loss isn't always linear.

If the formula doesn't work and people don't lose 400 to 500 grams of weight, they blame it on calories that don't burn in the body . Manage your expectations according to reality! If you're expecting to lose weight and look like a magazine cover model by eating just this kind of diet, you're likely to be disappointed and disappointed. But don't be discouraged, there is an alternative solution.

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