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Exercise is very important for weight loss. They allow you to burn calories and, thus, with an unchanged diet, make it possible to get rid of fat accumulations. However, you need to approach any load wisely!

In order to use the muscles of the abdomen, back, legs and thus force the body to get rid of excess deposits, you need to know how to properly pump the press in order to lose weight. The advantage of the exercises for the press is that their complex can be performed at home without special simulators. It is enough to spend 30 minutes a day on exercises, unless of course you are trying to get a bodybuilder's figure, but just set yourself the goal of losing weight in problem areas.

Many are sure that the classic body lifting exercises allow you to bring the figure into the desired shape in a short time. Do not forget that during physical activity it is important to use different muscle groups, so even a long performance of just one exercise is not effective. It is much better to use a set of exercises for the press.

Do not neglect exercise and stretching. They allow you to better prepare the muscles for physical activity, so to speak, «warm up» the body. Spend one-third of your total exercise time stretching. Do it before the start of the complex on the press and after its completion. These can be tilts and turns of the body to the sides.

As for the complex itself, it can consist of three to five exercises for different muscle groups. In this case, repetition is important, that is, 3-4 approaches, alternating the load. The main groups of abdominal muscles: upper, lower and oblique. For the upper muscle groups, just the classic lifting of the body is designed. However, even it is not performed correctly by many. The goal here should be to achieve proper muscle tension. To do this, you do not need to completely tear your back off the horizontal surface, just raise it a little.

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