BMW Motorrad with powerful model attack at Moto Expo 2019

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BMW Motorrad with powerful model attack at Moto Expo 2019

At the Sofia motorcycle show in the Asics Arena from 10 to 14 April, the legendary German brand will present the best and most sought-after models — from scooters to large cruisers such as the K 1600 GT.

Visitors will be able to get up close and personal with the high-tech C 400 X and C 400 GT scooters. We will see the first BMW model with a small cubic capacity — G 310 R. Naturally, attention will be paid to the best-selling cars of the GS family — R 1250 GS, R 1250 GS Adventure, F 850 ​​GS. Adventure and F 750 GS. Also of note are models such as the S 1000 XR and S 1000 RR. In addition to the K 1600 GT mentioned, we will also see the R nineT.

The G 310 R has a single cylinder engine. It is noteworthy that the cylinder is located at an angle to the butt. The cylinder head rotates 180 degrees. The unconventional engine layout places the center of gravity low and close to the front wheel. Thus, with the G 310 GS, every turn is easy and precise.

Thanks to an efficient ignition system and secondary air supply, the G 310 GS fully complies with the strict Euro4 standards. At the same time, a special engine configuration ensures not only low consumption, but also powerful and harmonious control even at high speeds. Volume 313 cu. cm and power 25 kW or 34 hp. at 9500 rpm. guaranteed power and acceleration.

The magnificent adventurer BMW R 1200 GS laid the foundation for the motorsport segment for the sporty combination model. Today he is still a confident leader in it. It offers excellent road handling combined with high flotation and maneuverability in urban areas and convenience for trips outside the city. The model has been continuously developed for almost 40 years.

He has had a number of test and award successes. The R 1200 GS has always inspired comfort, dynamism and pleasure. Two-cylinder boxer engine with 92 kW or 125 hp. efficient and has extremely high torque. The boxer engine is not only legendary for its reliability, but also for its extremely good character.

The F 850 ​​GS Adventure has an original design. A sense of adventure is felt on every surface, in every corner and line of the bike. From the rear, the front tank, to the typical GS headlights, whose daytime running lights resemble a slanted tuning fork. Design elements are balanced for off-road and unique journeys. The 70 kW (95 hp) twin-cylinder in-line engine delivers high torque and agility.

The unique F 750 GS has a lighter rear end. Together with the impressive tank and typical GS front wing, all the design elements of the F 750 GS speak clearly of the GS genes. The typical line is characteristic and original. Particularly impressive are the new LED headlights at the front. The galvanized radiator in Exclusive style underlines the high quality of the machine and embodies the spirit of the GS.

The fast F 750 GS inline-twin engine with 57 kW (77 hp) gives the new engine plenty of power and fuel consumption is the same remains low — 4.1 l/100 km. for young motorcyclists of category A2 there is also a version with limited power — 35 kW or 48 hp

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