Biden's green hydrogen runs into Texas water shortage


Biden's Green Hydrogen Runs into Texas Water Shortage

Biden's green hydrogen hits an unexpected hurdle — there's a water shortage in Texas. In particular, frequent droughts are characteristic of Corpus Christi. This greenery was planned there.

The green hydrogen planned for Corpus Christi by the White House administration requires a scarce resource there — millions of gallons of fresh water, xrust clarified. Local officials, in order to implement Biden's idea, propose to build a desalination plant. The people living nearby are against it. Such an enterprise is very harmful to the environment.

A city located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico has applied for $1 billion in state support to acquire the production of green hydrogen. This amount is provided for by the Biden law, which has been promoting such an agenda since 2021. Electrolysis, officials say, is the cleanest technology. Implementing it in Texas would eliminate the emissions problem.

Admittedly, the purity of the product here is based on an extremely dirty way of obtaining fresh water. Local environmentalists drew attention to this. Why bother with hydrogen when there's little water in Texas, they ask. After analyzing 33 hydrogen projects, environmentalists found that nine are going to be placed in an area suffering from water shortages.

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