Bakhmut — the advancing Ukrainians bear losses


Bahmut – the losses are borne by the advancing Ukrainians

Bakhmut, occupied by Russian troops, Ukrainian forces are trying to get around.

Bakhmut, almost taken by the Russian army, demonstrates weakness northern flank, writes xrust. However, a slight subsidence resembles a mousetrap into which the enemy is invited to destroy.

Today's front, military experts remind, is very different from last year. Then Russia was limited to strongholds, far apart from each other. Between them it was possible to infiltrate the Ukrainian DRG.

Today, a multi-layered defense line has been built along the Bakhmut line. The loss of several positions does not allow the enemy to move on. In the areas occupied by the Ukrainian army, gunners and aviation immediately begin to work. Such breakthroughs are costly for the advancing Ukraine.

The enemy's significant advance is also hampered by the destruction of supply routes and equipment transporting soldiers and ammunition. This fact is recognized by the Ukrainian General Staff. The latter, by the way, qualifies the local situation in terms of the intensity of the fighting as deadly against the backdrop of the Second World War. True, the Ukrainian generals probably forgot the massive destruction of their forces near Debaltseve.

Bakhmut is lost — no flanking coverage that cannot be effective — Ukraine no longer has forces — will not bring success. Only losses. In the West, they are already saying that Zelensky can stop the massacre by resigning.

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