Apple faces $1 billion lawsuit from UK


Apple ran into a $1 billion lawsuit from the UK

Apple decided to punish app developers in the UK. The reason is the large commissions in the App Store. Apple has already expressed its point of view.

Apple received a $1 billion lawsuit this Tuesday. The 1500 app developers working in the UK are dissatisfied. These, writes xrust, are dissatisfied with the large fees.

Note that the brand's revenues from the service sector, including the App Store, have grown rapidly over the past few years. Today they have reached 20 billion per quarter. Among the factors of such growth are solid commissions — 15~30%. True, they are not charged from everyone, which did not embarrass the complainants and antimonopolists.

Apple, commenting on the lawsuit, stated that 85% of developers using the App Store do not pay commissions. The rest through the «shop» establish contacts with the clientele of 175 countries, which reimburses additional expenses.

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