A substance has been identified that increases life expectancy

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Determined a substance that increases life expectancy

Scientists have identified an amino acid that prolongs life for a long time — taurine.
According to scientists, aging provokes an insufficient amount of taurine, and if the amino acid is replenished through diet and nutritional supplements, life man significantly continue.

Taurine is a powerful antioxidant. This amino acid is involved in the regeneration of the eyes, the prevention of atherosclerosis, and has an anti-cancer and rejuvenating effect. If a person is deficient in amino acids, then the chance of developing obesity, diabetes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, and cancer increases.

The largest amount of taurine is found in seafood — squid, shellfish, crustaceans. Taurine is also found in any fish and meat, eggs and dairy products. However, it is very small in plant foods. Therefore, vegans always suffer from its lack.

We list the best sources of taurine (maximum content in 100 g):

algae — 1300 mg;
tuna — 964 mg;
scallops — 827 mg;
mussels — 655 mg;
clams — 520 mg; — 120 mg;
salmon — 94 mg;
beef — 40 mg.

The content of taurine is much higher in the dark and fatty parts of poultry and tuna. Thus, the chicken thigh contains 170 mg of amino acids, but the breast contains only 18.

Scientists have determined the minimum daily requirement of taurine is 100–400 mg. The modern meat eater consumes 40 to 400 mg of taurine per day with food.

Healthy omnivores are not confirmed to be at risk of taurine deficiency. Deficiency of this substance can occur in alcohol abusers, those suffering from diabetes or problems with digestion, vegans, premature babies, as well as people experiencing severe and prolonged stress.
And yet, taurine is considered a safe substance, excess substances break down in the intestines and are excreted naturally. Why «larks» live longer than «owls», read here

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