A simple test to determine the risk of premature death


A simple test to determine the risk of premature death

American scientist Dr. Mark Peterson told how one simple test can determine that a person has accelerated aging of the body. According to The Sun, the scientist was able to find a relationship between grip strength and life expectancy.

So a study conducted by a doctor showed that a weak grip may indicate the risk of premature death. So a weak grip is most often characteristic of people with «accelerated DNA methylation age», they show signs of aging earlier, this includes the appearance of wrinkles and graying. weakness and early aging, but was surprised how big it turned out.

He explains this by saying that grip strength depends on the general physical strength of the body: if a person has a weak grip, this probably means that other parts of the body have it will also be weakened.

The scientist explains that by strengthening the strength of the grip, a person will not be able to prolong life, since the weakening of the strength of the grip is only an indicator of accelerated aging, and not its root cause.

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