5 weighty arguments in favor of exercising in a fitness club

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5 weighty arguments in favor of exercising in a fitness club

According to statistics, many women are ready to do fitness in specialized clubs, but most often they are stopped by the cost services.

Is it possible to exercise effectively at home, or is it necessary to visit a sports club for this?

To decide on the answer, let's look at the pros and cons.

But in any case, you will need appropriate shoes and clothing.


  1. Argument #1.
  2. Argument #2.
  3. Argument #3.
  4. Argument #4.
  5. Argument No. 5.

Argument No. 1.

It is unprofitable to go to the gym, the prices are too high. It is better to buy a simulator and calmly work out with it at home.

Counterargument.How often do you get things done? Practice shows that 80% of sports equipment purchased for use at home is gathering dust alone in the corner of the room, occupying only its usable area.

Argument No. 2.

Why do I need a personal trainer when I can buy a CD and have daily sessions with a video instructor?

Counterargument.In medicine, there are no universal pills that help everyone get rid of chronic diseases overnight. Do you think fitness is different? Absolutely every person has an individual body constitution and only live communication with an instructor helps to develop an effective set of exercises that will not only eliminate problem areas, but also make your figure slim and fit.

Argument #3.

I'm not against exercising, but I don't want to build muscle.

Counterargument.You are not threatened with large relief muscles if you have not decided to become a bodybuilder. On the contrary, regular exercises with dumbbells and weight machines strengthen women's health: blood circulation improves, headaches and frequent migraines decrease, the nervous system strengthens and, finally, the figure takes on the desired shape.

Argument No. 4.

I have practically no free time: I can study early in the morning or late in the evening.


Modern fitness clubs are open to their visitors for 24 hours.

Argument #5.

I'm afraid that men will pay attention to me, and during training I don’t have the best appearance.

Counterargument. For effective fitness classes, there are different halls: male and female. Nothing distracting from sports: only desire, perseverance, aspiration!

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