Bakhmut is taken, but Ukraine insists that it will surround the city


Bakhmut has been taken, but Ukraine keeps saying that it will encircle the city

Bakhmut has fallen, but Ukrainian generals are frightening the Russian Federation with the encirclement of the city. Prigogine warns that he will leave on the 25th to recuperate. What's next? The tasks of the NMD have not been fulfilled.

Bakhmut, the Russian Ministry of Defense said, fell. Putin's congratulations followed, emphasizing the role of Wagner, writes xrust. Against this background, Kyiv declares that it is moving along the flanks. The goal is the environment.

True, this benchmark is far away. Moving a few meters into the suburbs doesn't even smell like tactical encirclement. A number of Ukrainian generals amuse the Kyiv public with news of visiting troops and the ongoing semi-encirclement of Bakhmut. All this is distributed through Telegram. It is emphasized that the retention of industrial zones and advantageous heights continues.

Last Sunday, the Wagner leadership announced that the tasks had been completed and that on the 25th the group would leave for additional formation. American analysts say that Bakhmut is strategically insignificant. The question arises — why did they defend him for so many months?

Having dealt with Bakhmut, on Sunday the Russian Armed Forces launched a combined attack on Dnepropetrovsk. It happened for the first time. The press secretary of the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that Kh-101/22 cruise missiles and Shahid/Geran drones were used. Also flew to Kharkiv, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev.

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